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The Interclass Hotel in Criciúma is located in the city’s central area, at Avenida Centenário, and it offers to its clients a differentiated service by highly qualified teams. Safe, elegant and air-conditioned environments offer a comfortable stay to its guests, besides relaxation and leisure time.

Accommodations provide air-conditioned environments with absolute acoustic comfort. All rooms feature 32-inch LCD TV sets, with cable TV, and Wi-Fi internet throughout the entire hotel. All bathrooms have adjustable showers and hair dryer. Breakfast, bellboy and valet services are included in the daily rates, and room service is available 24/7. All common areas in the Interclass Hotel are CCTV monitored in real time, offering more comfort and safety to its clients.


Interclass Hotel is located in Criciúma, Santa Catarina, major city in the Southern region of the state, 45 minutes (44.3 km) from Jaguaruna Airport, the main airport in the region, and in front of the City Bus Station. Its address at Avenida Centenário, the city’s main street, allows the access to the historic district and commercial center at an average distance of 300 meters.